Good Vibrations; The Law of Vibration

“I’m pickin’ up good vibrations”
“She’s giving me excitations”
“Good good good good vibrations”

Lyrics from the song “Good Vibrations”.  Composed by Brian Wilson and written by Mike Love, both members of the Beach Boys.  The song hit the airways on October 10, 1966.

Inspired by his mother, Brian remembered her talking about how dogs would bark at some people but not at others.   She talked about the dogs picking up vibrations from these people that no one could see, but the dogs could sense.   And the rest they say is history.

Vibration in our daily life

The fact is we do sense or get a feeling about people, place, and things.  Many time, we call it our first impression.  We meet someone and get a good or bad vibe.  We walk into a place and it feels like home or we can’t wait to leave. Whatever the case may be those first impression are typically correct, because we naturally pick up on the vibrations.

Everything Vibrates

Everything has a vibration even the chair you’re sitting in. Quantum Physics shows us everything is energy.  You see at the sub-atomic level there is no physical matter, just pure energy!

If everything is pure energy, then everything vibrates.  If everything vibrates, then everything must have a vibrations frequency. Even our thoughts and feelings have a vibrational frequency.

I know what you’re thinking that’s crazy, but here are few facts to help support my statements around what we know and don’t know.

It was a fact the earth was flat until it was proven otherwise.

The earth was the center of the universe until it wasn’t

The Milky Way was the only galaxy until we learned there are billions of galaxies

The chair is solid until it science proves if have a vibration.

Just because we can’t see something today doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Let’s go back to our friendly canine again.  We all know heard of a  dog-whistle. If I blow a dog-whistle the dog will be able to detect the sound.  Our 5 senses will detect nothing.  So does the whistle make a sound or not?  Our senses say no, but the dog who comes running has heard something.  So while we can hear the whistle we accept the fact that the dog hears it and comes running. So the chair you’re sitting is pure energy, while it may appear as a solid separate thing,  it’s just an illusion.  The vibrational energy within the chair means it is moving, just undetectable by our senses.  Even our thoughts and feelings have a vibrational frequency.

Moving your Vibrational Energy

As humans, we think and feel.  This is a good thing because our thoughts and feelings are vibrational energy.  These vibrational energies attract the same type of energy they put out.  Unfortunately, many of us have been trained and conditioned to think and feel in a less than positive way.   From childhood, we are taught to have thoughts and emotions around worry, fear, and scarcity. These thoughts and emotions have very low vibrational energy.   On the other hand,  hope, love,  and abundance have a higher vibrational energy.

The lesson here is if you want to attract hope, love, and abundance you need to put out that higher vibrational energy.  Positive thoughts attract positive energy.  Negative thoughts attract negative energy.

But it’s not just about saying it or thinking it.  You have to believe it.  It’s your belief that raises the vibration, not just the words or desire.

If you’re looking for assistance in raising your vibration, consider a coaching session with me to help raise your vibration.