Finding the Beauty

I walk past this Big Metal Chicken (Rooster) almost everyday while out walking my dog.

The owners paints and dress this chicken for most seasons.

Presently, as you can see my favorite Chicken is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  I suppose they could have styled him for the Super Bowl, as it’s being played right around the corner from us, but I’m kind of glad they didn’t – Valentine’s is a much more positive and universal celebration.

For Christmas, they styled him as Rudolph the Red Nosed Big Metal Chicken.  Personally, I loved the antlers and the nose that glowed at night.


While it’s great seeing the Big Metal Chicken change and celebrate the seasons.  I think the think I enjoy most is seeing the creativity and beautiful created and shared with us all to see – well at least those of us who go by.  I plan on posting any new styles the Big Metal Chicken takes on in the months ahead.

It’s the small things that makes the world a beautiful place, like a Big Metal Chicken!

Health is my Mantra

yoga940A couple of weeks ago I talked about mantras and my personal mantra – “Health, Wealth and Happiness”

I’d like to take a few minutes and talk about why I chose those three words.

For me all three words mean multiple things, so let me start with Health.

The World Health Organization defines health in its broadest sense as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So yes, health means thinking about my physical, emotional and social well-being.  I also think of health in connection with my personal relationships with my husband, family and friends.  Are we in a good place?   Feeling positive, negative, motivated or marginalized?   When these relationships are healthy and working on all cylinders, it’s next to impossible not to feel and see the glow with in.  However, when they are not healthy or working correctly, we must have strength and insight to understand how to manifest change for the better with those individuals.  This doesn’t mean finding perfection, this means finding a healthy place to coexist.

I also consider the health of my business and community, both the one I live in and the ones I’m a part of on a larger scale.  What can I do to make my business better?  This is not just about the bottom line, but how do I make my business healthier without affecting my personal health and well-being, my family, staff and clients.

How can I make my community a healthier place to live?   A healthier community makes for a safer, friendlier and more enjoyable place to live.  Who doesn’t want that right?

How can I improve and empower a more positive and healthy discussion within my personal communities?  I’ve been a part of the Transgender Community for well over 30 years from my surgery and I have seen, heard and read many different discussions; Everything from not being Trans enough to too assimilating too far.  There are discussions about the privilege of passing and the voices of oppressed minorities groups within the community looking to be seen and heard.  Many of these discussions are important and need to be had, but how do we keep them discussions with positive outcomes and not personal attacks to take someone down to build ourselves up.

We are a strong and powerful group of self-identified individuals. We need to have healthy discussions amongst ourselves and work to lift everyone up.  We are healthiest, when we as a community working together to involve, inform and inspire ourselves and those around us.

Now you know what Health in my mantra means to me.  What does Health mean in your life?