What’s Right with Today

Do you ever ask yourself “What’s right with your day…and life?”

Interesting question isn’t it.

Most of us spend our days connecting to what is bad, missing or wrong.  We get caught up in finding the negative because  it’s all around us.  Just watch the news, the breaking news isn’t usually something positive and fuzzy, is it?

People in our lives are usually complaining about someone or something.  We’ve become experts at pointing out what’s not good with our jobs, relationships, friends…and the list goes on.  Don’t even bring up politics, money or our bodies, we all know what’s wrong there, right?

But, what do we gain from this behavior or negative thought process?

Nothing really.  You’ve complained about your boss for the past 10 years, but has that made you change your job?  NO.  You’ve bitched about your friend forever.   You know the one, who always calls when they need something, but is never available when you need something, but have you stopped taking their call?  No.  We allow ourselves to live in a negative state of drama and misery.  Yet, we all talk about getting the drama and negativity out of our lives.

However, I have  a little trick for you to try and it just might be the key to turning your day and, maybe even your life around.

Next time, your ready to start bitching about someone or complaining and finding the negative in a situation, stop.   I want you to take a step back and re-focus.  I want you to search  for and focus on what’s right with the situation.  I’m asking you to see what’s positive about that person.  I know it may not be easy at first, because we are so programmed to go negative.  We believe the negative will makes us feel better somehow.  However, do we really think all the bitching and complaining makes us feel better and less stressed?

When you making a conscious choice to see what’s right and good, you’re inviting light and gratitude to enter your heart and mind.

When  you start allowing gratitude and light to come into your life, you’ll really understand what feeling good is all about.

So, I’m asking you to spend a little time thinking about what’s good about your day, notice what’s going right in your life, all while seeing what positive changes come with conscious choice.

Do you need a little guidance while gaining some clarity in finding what’s right?  I invite your to try a complimentary 30-minute coaching session with me.

The Act of Surrender

An Act ofSurrender (1)When most of us hear the word surrender, we think of losing giving up power or control.

When most of us hear resistance, we in control because we are able to keep distance or control a choice.

Well, I want to have a discussion with you about resistance and surrender from a different perspective.  Let’s start here.

Do you spend your day or life resisting people, situations, or circumstances?

Have you spent a portion of your day or life avoiding people, places, and things?

How much time, energy, and emotion have you wasted resisting or avoiding these people, places, and things?

Imagine if the resistance could just stop and change?  How would that feel?  Not wasting your day figuring out how to avoid something or someone in your life?

The solution is provided by the universe  – The Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states everything in the universe has a polar opposite, so in every failure, there is a greater success.

Resistance has a polar opposite which is Surrender.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, but to accept your life as it is at this moment.  When we learn to surrender change begins to happen. The Universe transitions and opens up choices and options that were previously hidden from our sight.

When you’re being resistant, you’re be robbed of choice.  Surrender opens a new world providing choices, options, and understanding.

Sounds great right?  But it’s not that easy, because if you just go to the event you’ve been avoiding for weeks, that’s not an act of surrender, that’s an act of giving up.

The goal is not to give up or feel beaten down, it’s to feel empowered.  So how do you feel empowered surrendering?

Start by learning  what is causing your resistance?  For this, you’ll need to look in the right place –I suggest the mirror.  This resistance is yours.  No one else can take responsibility for it or fix it.  It’s all on your shoulders.  So, what thought, belief or expectation do you need to release, so you can allow yourself to surrender your resistance.  What can you do to accept this situation just as it is?  Remember resistance is based on your own beliefs and opinions and they only work for you, no one else.

So how can you surrender and take the control and power of your life back?


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Making Room

As we head into 2016 many of us have made a resolutions to do something – go to the gym, stop smoking, loose weight and so on.

Well, I’m not going to be make a resolutions this year.  I’m going to be making room.  I going to be making room in my home, work and life for the things I want.  The challenge is how to make room when I already have so much “stuff” physical and emotional in my home, work and life.

The easy answer is to throw it all out, right?  Not exactly.  I’m not about to getting rid of the things I love, but there are plenty of things physical and emotional I can do without.

So then the questions becomes, once I make room what am I going to fill the space with.  Well, I’m not sure I want to fill all the space I hope to create, however some it will naturally be filled with the little things life brings our way each and every day.

As I go through this process, which I plan on taking slowly over the next few months, I’m hoping to make more room for family, friends, new memories and more smiles.  What will you be making room for in 2016?