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We’ve added a new section to our website – What’s Hot.

Here we will show you all of the new and exciting things we’ve found that are Freash, Enticing, and HOT!

It may be an article, service, product or something else we think is cool.

Last week we talked about the next level in Smoothing Gaffs – the Selene!

Selens Gaff logo

This week we’re happy to introduce the Aphrodite Self-Adhesive Breast Forms.


So come take a look at What’s Hot!


The 5th of May and Margarita’s

First and foremost, Happy Cinco de Mayo.

While many American make the mistake of thinking May 5th is about Mexican Independence, which is actually September 16th.  Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the Mexican Army’s surprising victory at the Battle of Puebla over invading French forces.

Even though it’s not celebrating Mexico’s Independence, Cinco de Mayo is still a great reason to listen to a Mariachi and drink a margarita.

Don’t know how to make a margarita here is a quick recipe, Compliments of recipes.com .  Enjoy!



I often hear clients talk about how long their transition is taking.  Yes, there are times when it feels like the you’re not getting anywhere, but you are. Change take time and patients.

The key is to remember this,


So even though you’re only taking small steps, be thankful you’re going in the right direction!