Divine Oneness

Divine Oneness, the first of the Twelve Universal Laws.  This law provides us with the understanding we are all in this world together.   Everything is connected to everything.  Every thought, word, action, and belief affects others and the universe around us.   This oneness is irrespective of whether the people are near or far, it’s beyond time and space.  An easy way to understand this is the Butterfly Effect.  One small change today can have major influence and affect on tomorrow.

Let’s start at the beginning.

When we ‘re born, we instinctively know and feel an inter-connectivity with the world around us.  We look to be held, we don’t pick or choose whose arms we want to be held by.  As Newborns,  we feel natural love and will not resist anyone willing to hold us.  We’re  held by doctors, nurses, parents, grandparents, siblings, as well as friends and the neighbors next door.

At this early point in our life, we have not established our hierarchal of needs and love.  All these people are sensed by the child as being care givers. There is no separateness, only oneness.  A little older, this oneness is still felt strongly as the child plays with animals like cats, dogs, gerbils, lizards, and snakes, without fear.  The child has a natural bond with these animals and feels the connectivity to all.   However, If a child is physically abandoned or feels abandoned, they begin to feel a sense of separateness in their world. This child then feels insecure, hurt, mistrust, anger, loneliness, and will take a long time to bond with anyone who wishes to be part of his life from that moment on.

That is how important this Divine Oneness is to each of us.

Understanding that everything is connected to everything else is the purpose of this Universal Law.  Everything that is known or unknown, seen or unseen, is part of this Divine Oneness.   Like the pebble tossed into the water, even the farthest ripple still cause the water to move and change.

How can you reconnect to your sense of belonging or oneness?

If your life feels separate and alone, reconnecting can get you back into alignment.   Start working with others, in cooperation or in service to others, you will begin to appreciate and realize the strength that you have as a group or as a whole.

Here a quick analogy – think of yourself as a penny.  A single penny is worth, well a penny.  However,  if you bring a hundred pennies together you have more possibilities.  If you bring a million pennies together, imagine the possibilities!

Divine Oneness offers unlimited possibilities.