Lights, Camera, Action! The Universal Law of Action

Like the statement said we’re always on stage, whether in public or in the privacy of our own home.   The law of action is always happening and in place.

The Law of Action is the second Universal Law and one of the most important and basic, yet most misunderstood and taken for granted.

We are always in action whether at the gym, work, or sleeping.  An action is always in happening.  Thoughts, emotions, daydreams all actions!

The important part of this Law is not the what as much as the how? intended and inspired action.

Intended action.

You’ve put a plan in place.  You have the desired result in mind.  This is a conscious thought process – very left brain driven.   Your sole purpose is to try and make something happen – you doing it because you think you should be doing something.

Many times there’s no excitement or motivation for the activity.  It can feel like a struggle.

How to know if something is an intended Action

  • no excitement or energy
  • Feels stressful for no reason
  • It’s about Controlling the outcome
  • You just feel strange and uncomfortable
  • It feels like work!
Inspired Action

You have no plan.  This is not something you’ve thought about or planned.  something is telling you to follow this plan – You intuition, spirit guide, how ever you would like to phrase it – you just know it needs to happen.

Inspired actions can be large or small – buy something new, taking a different way home, making a phone call.  You have an internal desire to do something.

Inspired actions typically occur when we are following our heart and do what makes up happy.

How to know if something is an inspired action.

  • You excited about
  • You not nervous about it
  • It’s about you and feeling good
  • Feels comfortable,  even if it’s new
  • It’s inspiring!

I hope you’ll take some time and start to pay attention to those ideas and thoughts that are inspired and trust in their foundation to make you happy.

If you’ve ever had an experience with inspired action, I’d love to hear about it! Please share your story in the comments section below!