My Dear Friend

My dear friend actress Erika Ervin stopped by to surprise me today.  It’s always a joy when people who don’t live close to me make time in their busy lives to stop and spend time.

She updated me on all of the fabulous new projects she’s working on.  We laughed, smiled and even got a little deep on a couple of subjects, which we have been known to do from time to time.  Most of all we just enjoyed each others company.

Friendship is a special gift – it doesn’t require daily conversation or togetherness.  Friendship is a relationship that lives in the heart.

Friends have conversations that never really end, they just take a pause until the next time we’re together.

I’m fortunate to several wonderful friends and while I don’t see them or talk to them all often.  I know in my heart, they are there for me and in return, they know I’m there for them.

We’ve seen each other on great days and not so good days.  We’ve felt each others failures and have celebrated each others success.

Friends are truly special people.  They makes us think and feel.  Friends make us better people.

Do something special for yourself today and say thanks to your friends.