Saving Face – Skin Care 101 Part 2

In part one of skin care 101 – Saving Face, I wrote about how best to cleanse our skin.  This week it’s all about moisturizer to keep it soft!

Moisturizing is an essential step in good skin care.  But there is so much more to finding the right moisturizer.  Yes, the right moisturizer can stop dry skin from becoming dull, cracked, thick and flaky.  The right Moisturizer can also reduce the effects of aging, prevent breakouts, protect the skin and help makeup look flawless.

To know what the right moisturizer is we need to know our skin type.  Many of us think we have sensitive skin because it’s blotchy, red and breaks out.  However, may not be true, we may just be using the wrong products for our skin.

Maybe you don’t know your skin type, maybe you haven’t event thought about it.   Figuring out your type is fairly easy.  Look to see if your T-zone.  This area is across your forehead and down your nose and chin

T-Zone for Skin Type


At the end of a normal day, what does your T-Zone looking like?  Is it dry, oily or somewhat normal?  That is typically your skin type.  If you see an oily t-zone, but dry cheeks you might have combination skin.

Here the type of products you should consider based on your T-Zone.

Oily: Look for lotions that have exfoliating ingredients.  Look for lactic glycolic and salicylic acids.

Dry: Look for heavier moisturizers.  Try ointment and creams vs lotions.   They contain olive oil,  Shea butter, grape seed oil or petrolatum, which prevent water loss from the skin.  I like coconut oil when my skin gets really dry in the winter.

Combination:  Look for a moisturizer with no acids. Try Cetaphil,  Aveeno, Neutrogena, or Lubriderm.

Normal:  Look for a moisturizer that will keep the skin soft and supple while not being so heavy it feels greasy.  my personal choice is Aveeno’s Positively Radiant. It also helps combat dark spots, which is something I look for.  I’ll also love to apply coconut oil in the evening before bed.  A little goes a long way and I will admit it can feel heavy and greasy at first, but by morning my skin is so soft!  Coconut oil is also great for dry hand and feet!

Not all skin is the same and not all moisturizers are the same. Picking out the best moisturizer for your skin and body part.  Select a moisturizer with ingredients that will help you keep your skin soft and healthy.

What’s your favorite moisturizer