The Act of Surrender

An Act ofSurrender (1)When most of us hear the word surrender, we think of losing giving up power or control.

When most of us hear resistance, we in control because we are able to keep distance or control a choice.

Well, I want to have a discussion with you about resistance and surrender from a different perspective.  Let’s start here.

Do you spend your day or life resisting people, situations, or circumstances?

Have you spent a portion of your day or life avoiding people, places, and things?

How much time, energy, and emotion have you wasted resisting or avoiding these people, places, and things?

Imagine if the resistance could just stop and change?  How would that feel?  Not wasting your day figuring out how to avoid something or someone in your life?

The solution is provided by the universe  – The Law of Polarity.

The Law of Polarity states everything in the universe has a polar opposite, so in every failure, there is a greater success.

Resistance has a polar opposite which is Surrender.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, but to accept your life as it is at this moment.  When we learn to surrender change begins to happen. The Universe transitions and opens up choices and options that were previously hidden from our sight.

When you’re being resistant, you’re be robbed of choice.  Surrender opens a new world providing choices, options, and understanding.

Sounds great right?  But it’s not that easy, because if you just go to the event you’ve been avoiding for weeks, that’s not an act of surrender, that’s an act of giving up.

The goal is not to give up or feel beaten down, it’s to feel empowered.  So how do you feel empowered surrendering?

Start by learning  what is causing your resistance?  For this, you’ll need to look in the right place –I suggest the mirror.  This resistance is yours.  No one else can take responsibility for it or fix it.  It’s all on your shoulders.  So, what thought, belief or expectation do you need to release, so you can allow yourself to surrender your resistance.  What can you do to accept this situation just as it is?  Remember resistance is based on your own beliefs and opinions and they only work for you, no one else.

So how can you surrender and take the control and power of your life back?