Tips on Tuesday – Foundation

Let be honest this could be a very long post if I covered everything this there is to say about foundation.  We could talk about creams vs. powders vs. liquids vs. mousse.   We could discuss should I use oil based, oil free or water based?  Or we could look at foundation and age.

So with some many options to talk about I thought we would start with what is it and why use it.

Let’s start with some things that get thrown at us while at the cosmetic counter.  What are all of these products and do you need them.

Foundation Primer/Tint – Aids in the application of foundation, helping to create a more even and smother skin surface.   Some primers are tinted to improve skin tone.  All primers work to increase longevity of the foundation.  You can find a primer that will help with just about any type of skin conditions from SPF to minimizing lines – there’s a primer for everyone.  I highly recommend a primer if you’re over 30.

Foundation – A colored makeup used on the face to create an even tone to the complexion.  It can be used to hide mirror flaws and change the natural skin tone.  Foundations come in creams, liquids, powders and mousse.  Creams and mousse foundations are fine, I prefer a liquid foundation.  I don’t like powder foundation, it gives my skin a dull tone and makes every pore and little line I have ten times bigger.

BB Cream – The BB stands for Blemish Balm is South Korean and Japanese Markets, but here in the Western markets BB stands for Beauty Balms.  They are considered an all-in-one facial cosmetic.  They can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer or as a foundation depending on coverage needs.  I find a BB Cream very useful on days where I want quick light coverage.

CC Cream – with the success of BB Creams, Marketers and cosmetic companies were quick to come up with CC Creams, which means Color Control or Color Correcting cream.  Many people use a CC cream as a tinted moisturizer or primer.

So now that we know what we’re talking about, let’s talk about how to use it all.

Foundation and its cousins BB & CC Creams are designed to hide mirror flaws, even skin tone and provided a smooth surface for additional makeup – eye shadow, blush, etc.

Foundation has four levels of coverage Sheer, Light, Medium and Full.  These levels are determined by the percentage of pigment in the formula.  So a higher pigment foundation will give a much fuller coverage.  I add a little facial moisturizer to my full coverage foundation to make it lighter in coverage.

Personally, I never where full coverage foundation during the day.  The only time I like to wear full coverage is for special evening events.

I recommend a sheer to light BB/CC Cream and a Full coverage Foundation.  With those two products in the right shade you’ll be ready for every situation.

The products i personally use.
The products I personally use.